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Name:Bella Violet Harper
Birthdate:Jun 12
Location:Beacon Hills, California, United States of America
Website:@ beaconhillshigh

Bella Violet Harper grew up in the small town of Palmers Grove, a short drive away from Beacon Hills in California. She was the first born of a fraternal twin set, with her brother, Blake, following two minutes later. They have one older brother, Landon, who is seven years older than the twins and their parents felt their family was big enough for them with three children. However, the family didn't remain a unit when Mr Harper, an international pilot, had an affair on one of his trips overseas and their mother, a psychologist, filed for divorce when the twins were nine years old. The twins stayed with their mom whilst their big brother, then 16, went to live with their father in Los Angeles because he wanted to go to law school in the city when he finished high school anyway.

Like many twins, Bella and Blake were close but very different. Blake was sporty but also studious and Bella was more of a history nut with a fascination of Celtic folklore and the Tarot, which led to her taking up fencing and joining a Medieval re-enactment group when they were in high school while Blake joined the track and basketball teams. They went to private co-ed school, Knox Grove Academy, and their freshmen and sophomore years were mostly uneventful. It was junior year that things began to get interesting. The year kicked off with Blake coming to Bella and telling her that he was gay, and he wanted to not only come out to their family, but out entirely. It wasn't that they were surrounded by a homophobic environment, but they lived in a more affluent area and their school had a very tiny population of out gay students. Their brother, now in law school, was already engaged and poised to happily marry his med student fiancée, and Blake seemed determined yet distinctly nervous about his life-changing decision. When he came out, he found himself somewhat ostracised by his team mates and where he had been one of the most popular kids in school, suddenly he began to feel more and more isolated.

Meanwhile, Bella was off getting drunk at a party with her re-enactment buddies and lost her virginity to a girl in their group. It was the same night that another of their club revealed that he was a werewolf when news came that weird shit was going down in Beacon Hills, the town just over from them. With her fascination of history and Medieval folklore, Bella was fascinated in learning about it whilst learning more and more to master her sword fighting skills. She was one of the top in their group by that point, and a state champion in fencing representing their school in many competitions. However, she had ambitions to become a cop when she finished high school, but swords would always be her weapon before guns. Guns just didn't float her boat, but she knew it would be part and parcel if she made it into the police force.

Blake, on the other hand, wanted to become a vet, but it would be at the tail end of their junior year at prom where he would be set back distinctly on life would make him questions everything about himself. His mates talked him out of taking a guy he liked at the local garage as a date, and convinced him that it would be more fun to go as a group of friends from the basketball team who were all going stag. Blake never made it to prom. They ended up driving him out the back of the same garage the guy he liked worked and beat him up, telling him that he was a fucking pansy for not fighting back. It turned out to be his crush that was blamed for the beating and went to prison for assault when the court case boiled down to Blake's testimony against the group of his team mates who all swore Blake was lying to protect his boyfriend's violence, even going so far as to say the young mechanic had just pretended to be gay to lure Blake in.

Bella would never forget the cold and horrible chill that sunk right into her soul when she got called from prom to Beacon Hills Hospital where Blake had been taken because it was closer to the prom venue of Beacon Hills Country Club. A couple of broken ribs, a broken wrist, a concussion and all-over bruising was ultimately not as serious as it could be, but their mother swore blind that her kids wouldn't be going back to their school. At first, she wasn't sure what the hell she should do, even considering taking a leave of absence from her own job to home school them. But Bella convinced their mom to let them just go to another school, a public school, where Blake could have the fresh start he needed, as whatever he needed to be because the jury was still out with Blake. He was in such a numb daze after what happened that they were worried about his state of mind.

It was a kind nurse at Beacon Hills Hospital who took care of Blake, Melissa McCall, who had a son of her own, Scott, and when she heard Blake wanted to be a vet, she suggested he ask the guy her son worked for in Beacon Hills, Deaton, if he could get a bit of work experience with him. Which is exactly what happened, and it was what led their mom to make the decision to move into Beacon Hills and the twins to start at Beacon Hills High School, despite it being the end of junior year and only a couple of months until the summer break. With Blake back on his feet, Bella is more content but understandable protective of her brother. She's pretty sure she's attracted to guys and girls, but she's never been in a relationship save for a couple of casual hook-ups with some friends in her re-enactment group. She's ready to just settle again, make some new friends, and hopefully not have to encounter any situations where she has to threaten someone to stick a sword where the sun don't shine for bothering her brother.

Bella is an Original Character based within the Teen Wolf (TV Series) canon and is part of rp psl beaconhillshigh. Her user name stems from the Suit of Swords tarot cards, namely the Ace of Swords card.

Bella is an original character based on the Teen Wolf TV series canon. Teen Wolf is owned by creator Jeff Davis and MTV. No affiliation with Teen Wolf whatsoever. Her backstory is original from her writer, and her PB is Alexandra Daddadario. No profit is being made, no infringement intended. For RP and muse writing purposes only.

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